Friday, November 22, 2019
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Is LAN based with unlimited users and companies
Can used to run your manufacturing processes
Accounting, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Reporting and Webshop
One of the first consulting tasks we undertake is to ask different questions about your business
We innovate to make you and your business sucessfull
Take it to the cloud
Access Your Accounting Data With different Devices from anywhere
WebERP is equivalent to Quickbook and Sage and is FREE!


One of the first consulting tasks we undertake is to ask a lot of questions about the operation - organizational hierarchy, number and roles of employees, types of products or services, manufacturing production schedules, total sales, existing customers, suppliers and stock items data, procurement processes and the condition and format of existing data to be imported into the new system and any other questions relate to the business processes that drive the organizations operation. The consultancy phase covers the following:

  • Business Requirements Review
  • Extensive discussions with all key functional personnel to establish: Nature of the business (what does the business do, employees, location(s),existing resources h/w, s/w, employee competencies and expertise)
  • Business processes (types of transaction and their frequency and volumes )
  • Assignments (which employees do what ? when ? how ?)
  • Reporting and accounting controls requirements (who needs what information ? when ?)
  • Existing system (history, short comings, positive points, Discontinuing considerations)
  • Identify accounting system integration requirements
  • Discuss the companies’ computerization goals and objectives going forward.
  • Produce a required functionality wish list
  • Identify changes required (employee tasks, accounting controls, reporting needs, accounting system maintenance)
  • Produce a project scoping document outlining current business processes, workflows, employee tasks, accounting controls, reporting requirements and the proposed solution and budgeted implementation project execution time