Friday, November 22, 2019
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Is LAN based with unlimited users and companies
Can used to run your manufacturing processes
Accounting, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Reporting and Webshop
One of the first consulting tasks we undertake is to ask different questions about your business
We innovate to make you and your business sucessfull
Take it to the cloud
Access Your Accounting Data With different Devices from anywhere
WebERP is equivalent to Quickbook and Sage and is FREE!


To ensure smooth implementation of WebERP, we undertake a Thourough business processes review to obtain an indeepth understanding of the business activities, controls, transaction flows, volumes and reporting structures, which covers the following.

  • Working with the client, we redesign or set up a new chart of accounts if none exists or create a new WebERP chart of accounts based on an existing (other accounting package) chart of accounts.
  • We then do Selection and recommendation of Hardware, Networking and Internet bandwidth.
  • Conduct business process review in order to formulate practical and efficient business processes, workflows, data capture, reporting, Accounting controls and system maintenance routines.
  • Business processes and workflow mapping with WebERP functionality.
  • Gaps identification, analysis and solutions.
  • Map out the integration requirements and settings for various modules.
  • Prepare a design document which specifies how the new system is going to work.
  • Prepare test scripts to be followed for system testing and verify accuracy.
  • Master data acquisition – GL accounts, Banks, Assets, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Stock Items, Services and System users data.
  • Data Migration or input (existing GL accounts, customer, suppliers, stock items etc)
  • Compile opening balances for GL accounts, Banks, Assets, Employees, customer, suppliers, and stock items.
  • Conduct end user training on day to day transaction entry and operations of WebERP.
  • Enter opening balances and go live with new system.
  • Conduct a parallel run and other system testing as required.
  • Discontinue legacy system if any.
  • Offer continued support via web (remote admin) email, phone or site visits as may be required.