Friday, November 22, 2019
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Is LAN based with unlimited users and companies
Can used to run your manufacturing processes
Accounting, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Reporting and Webshop
One of the first consulting tasks we undertake is to ask different questions about your business
We innovate to make you and your business sucessfull
Take it to the cloud
Access Your Accounting Data With different Devices from anywhere
WebERP is equivalent to Quickbook and Sage and is FREE!

WebERP and SMEs

Focusing specifically on SME's, WebTech Resources empowers businesses, with the right tools to manage their business processes. Using innovate delivery mechanisms and WebERP. our solutions allow customers across industries to deploy and configure WebERP at a fraction of the cost of similar accounting alternatives in the market.

Our ERP implementations acknowledge that training, change management and usability matter as much as system functionality in order to ensure success of a project. By having our solutions work around business processes, rather than system modules – we improve user adoption and reduce information silos. By integrating world-class reporting and analytics solutions into the applications, we ensure that you have timely and accurate information from multiple business processes.

Web ERP is extremely flexible and can be adapted to work specifically for different geographical areas and varying industries. It is not a static program and is constantly being developed by accountants who understand what is needed by accountants. It enables technology transfer via availability of the program source code and enables users to develop their own IT expertise. While keeping up to date with latest available software technologies.