Friday, November 22, 2019
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Is LAN based with unlimited users and companies
Can used to run your manufacturing processes
Accounting, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Reporting and Webshop
One of the first consulting tasks we undertake is to ask different questions about your business
We innovate to make you and your business sucessfull
Take it to the cloud
Access Your Accounting Data With different Devices from anywhere
WebERP is equivalent to Quickbook and Sage and is FREE!


Reportico PHP Reporting Tool. Runs against MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, Oracle, SQLServer and SQLite - design reports, create report menus, configure criteria, graphs, grouping, drill-down, output in HTML, PDF, & CSV, expression handling, look and feel through CSS, data transformation.
TikiWiki Tiki is one of the most feature rich groupware packages available, now in its the 13th year of its lifespan and already it helped to build up thousands of websites & Intranets. This confirms that Tiki is an extremely powerful application. A large community of contributors characterize it

Counter Logic Point Of Sale System is an interactive Point Of Sale system that is completely integrated - data including all inventory items, barcodes, prices, customers etc is retrieved from a live webERP installation. Sales created by Counter-Logic are sent back and processed remotely Making sales with Counter-Logic without a network will just cache transactions created until connectivty is restored.

webSHOP is the complete solution to the integration problems associated with the off the shelf shopping cart systems. webSHOP is completely integrated - there is no duplication of data. If the customer updates their details, they are updating the webERP live data. If they place an order they are using the identical pricing logic and same prices as they would in the webERP native order. To a large extent, webSHOP is actually an extension of webERP that allows customers to place their own orders albeit in a much more attractive user interface.